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Attention all Shipping!
Attention all Shipping!
Astrological Aphorisms for Travel at Sea

  • In questions concerning the safety of a ship, examine the angles. If fortunes are on the angles, with the infortunes cadent or combust, the ship will arrive at its destination safely. But if infortunes (Saturn, Mars or South Node) possess the angles there will be damage to the ship. Judge where the damage occurs by the sign in which the infortune is placed (see below).

  • Lilly attributes the signs of the zodiac to the parts of a ship as follows:

    • Aries - the Breast of the ship (bow)
    • Taurus - what is under the Breast a little towards the Water
    • Gemini - the Roother or Sterne of the Ship (rudder or back)
    • Cancer - the Bottom or Floor of the Ship
    • Leo - the top of the Ship above Water
    • Virgo - the Belly of it
    • Libra - that which sometimes is above and sometimes below the Water, or betwixt Wind and Weather
    • Scorpio - where the seamen are lodged, or do their Office
    • Sagittarius - The Mariners themselves
    • Capricorn - the ends of the Ship
    • Aquarius - the Master or Captain of the Ship
    • Pisces - the Oars

  • Generally, the ascendant and the Moon signify the body of the ship, the lord of the ascendant those that sail in her.

  • The 2nd house and part of fortune indicate the cargo or contents of the ship. If either is unfortunate, the ship suffers a financial loss.

  • The 7th house signifies the destination or end of the journey.

  • The 9th house has general rulership over journeys or voyages. If it is fortunate and strong the journey goes well but if afflicted there are problems.

  • The 10th house and its ruler signify the leading officers on the ship. The Sun is also a natural significator for the captain.

  • As the 2nd house from the 9th, the 10th can also show the profit of a journey.

  • The 11th house signifies harbours (the house of 'comfort and relief').

  • Saturn afflicting the chart indicates the possibility of drowning or the vessel leaking, being split or run aground. There may be thefts on the ship or a loss of its goods.

  • Mars afflicting the chart suggests great danger and damage to the ship. If it afflicts the rulers of the angles or dispositor of the Moon there may be attacks from enemies or quarrelling, controversy or blood shed among the sailors, especially if an infortune is placed in those signs which indicate the upper part of the ship.

  • Mars on the Midheaven, in signs which indicate the upper part of the ship, indicates the ship may be burnt by fire, thunder, lightning, or matter falling from the sky, especially if the signs are fiery or near violent fixed stars.

  • Saturn on the Midheaven suggests problems with the sails, difficult winds or leaks.

  • The infortunes in a sign that indicates the bottom of the ship suggests a bad leak, with danger of breaking up or drowning.

  • Most significators above the horizon, the ship will stay afloat; most below threatens drowning, especially in the 4th house.

  • Infortunes on the ascendant show danger to the bow (front) of the vessel or that problems occur at the start of the journey.

  • Infortunes on the descendant show danger to the stern (back) of the ship, or that problems occur at the end of the journey. (All bad aspects to the ascendant are threatening.)

  • If the lord of the 8th house afflicts the lord of the ascendant, damage occurs according to the nature of the planet that is the lord of the 8th. For example, if it is the Sun, the ship may be damaged by the actions of the captain; if Mercury, by bad communication or false reports.

  • The main significators in opposition out of fixed signs and near violent stars is a sign that the ship will meet with storms, delays or difficulties.

  • Gentle winds and good weather are indicated by trines from air signs.

  • The lord of the ascendant retrograde is a sign that the ship may return or call into a nearby harbour within a short time of setting off. (The same may also be shown if the lord of the ascendant or Moon apply to a retrograde planet.)

  • If the lord of the 4th house is also retrograde, the ship returns to the same port from which it set out.

  • Delays are indicated if the lord of the ascendant or Moon is slow in course, or if the main significators or the angles are in fixed signs

  • A speedy voyage is indicated by application between the lord of the ascendant and lord of the 9th or 7th; the Lord of the ascendant in the 9th or 7th; also, by the significators or the angles in cardinal signs.

  • Moon in the 6th house or in opposition to the lord of 6th indicates sickness among the travelers.

  • Lord of the ascendant fortunate or in the 11th, the voyage is pleasant and prosperous.

  • The constellations Argo, Crater, Cancer, Delphinus, Aquarius, Cetus, Pisces Australis, Pegasus, Eridanus and Pisces can all indicate disaster from floods or trouble at sea when afflicted. Prominently placed fixed stars are also dangerous, notably:

    • Canopus (14° Cancer)
    • Difda (2° Aries)
    • Algol (26° Taurus)
    • Menkar (14° Taurus)
    • Markab (23° Pisces)
    • Scheat (29° Pisces)
    • Acubens (13° Leo).

  • The north Node, Jupiter or Venus in the 2nd house, or Part of Fortune and its ruler well placed shows good profit from the voyage.

  • The Moon is the natural significator for sailors and fishermen. Also, for havens of the sea, rivers, docks & harbours.

  • Cancer signifies the sea, rivers and all navigational waters; Scorpio, stinking lakes, Pisces, rivers full of fish or wherever water stands. Capricorn signifies places where sails for ships or such materials are stored.

  • Sharks are signified by Mars, whales by Jupiter, dolphins by Jupiter or Venus

  • The significator of a traveler leaving one sign and entering another, shows him leaving one location for another.

© Compiled by Deborah Houlding. Reproduced from Traditional Astrologer magazine, Issue 1, June 1993

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