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The suggested interpretations are offered as a guide to aspect meanings.
For refined interpretation, consider the general condition of the planet, its dignities, sign, and house location.
Remember, generally:
conjunctions unite planetary influences and show a strong focus of energies
trines and sextiles bring planets together in an easy release of energy
squares suggest tension
oppositions show resistance and swings between extremes

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Aspect Meanings in Birth Charts

Aspects involving the Sun
by Michael McClain



Sun conjunct Moon

This aspect suggests a joining of your emotional urges and your natural drive instincts. The temperament becomes more unilateral, unaffected by the wants and desires of others. You are satisfied with yourself and the goals you hope to realize. You won't adapt easily to changes in your life, unless you sense these changes are in your best interest. You stay clear of the business of others and expect the same from them. You are highly motivated to achieve your agenda, focusing well on objectives, and normally gaining successful results. Even if you don't succeed in the eyes of others, you are self-satisfied with your accomplishments.

Sun conjunct Mercury
The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury produces a sound mentality. You handle stress well. Yet you may think of yourself as a nervous person, and you may be. You have fixed opinions, although these may or may not be freely expressed depending on other factors in the chart. The thinking is much in harmony with the individuality expressed by the Sun. It's hard for you to view yourself objectively, or as others see you. Usually much mental energy is shown by this placement.

Sun conjunct Venus
A conjunction of the Sun and Venus shows a more cheerful and optimistic person than your chart may otherwise foretell. There is receptivity to fun and social events. The physical appearance is enhanced, although this can bring some narcissist tendencies as a side effect. You have a strong inner need for popularity, and you sincerely want people to like you. You are a good listener, and you truly enjoy most of the people with whom you associate. In any sign, this aspect allows you to be more easygoing, and less competitive and combative.

Sun conjunct Mars
A conjunction of the Sun and Mars in your charts enhances any tendencies you may have to dominate others. You have a greater sense of power in asserting your will, and your aptitude for compromise is diminished. A tendency to develop a superiority complex is associated with this conjunction. You have strong ambitions to be recognized. This is a very masculine trait often showing a good deal of strength, courage, and competitiveness. This is an aspect showing exceptional will to accomplish physical goals. Regardless of gender, there is boundless energy and enthusiasm. Because you stay out ahead of the pack, you are considered a good leader.

Sun conjunct Jupiter
A conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter shows that you rarely do anything in moderation. You have an undying faith in yourself and believe that you can do anything to which you set your mind. Your enthusiasm and confidence level runs high, and sometimes you promise more than you can deliver. Even when major setbacks occur, you hang in there. You're never one to let anything get you down or keep you from charging off on another venture. You have confidence that affairs will eventually work out. Character is all important to you. An extremely high sense of justice and concern for others is apparent in your makeup, even if this doesn't show up in other parts of your chart.

Sun conjunct Saturn
The conjunction of the Sun and Saturn produces self-control and reserve, irrespective of other indications in your chart. The characteristics of the Sun are restrained, becoming less enthusiastic, more cautious. There may be many limitations and a need for discipline in the life, but the aspect provides a much greater inner strength and persistence. You are a hard worker, a disciplinarian, and an organizer. Because of these traits you are likely to be handed heavy responsibilities. Your strong personality goes its own way, despite the feelings of others. This aspect is not good for marriage, for you are a "lone wolf" type in some ways. You matured at an early age, and your formative years may have been difficult.

Sun conjunct Uranus
A conjunction of the Sun and Uranus produces a highly self-aware individual expressing energies freely, and often in a unique fashion. Freedom is all important, and you reflect this inclination in ways that many consider eccentric. You are slow to mature because unrestricted attitudes make you appear childlike even as you grow into adulthood. Your free-wheeling temperament permits to succeed if left to do projects in your own, often progressive way. Progress is your most important goal, and your individualism is apparent.

Sun conjunct Neptune
A conjunction of the Sun and Neptune produces insight into ideas and people. Most of the time you operate on hunches and intuition that you follow with veracity. You believe so strongly in your intuition and opinions that you may often find yourself at cross purposes with facts and basic common sense. Sometimes, it's hard to express yourself with confidence, and you may doubt your own capabilities. You function well when your mind is focused on such subjects as art, music, or drama, and in these you may be inspired. You thrive on projects allowing you to express your creativity, and operate by your own clock. A routine schedule or workload is hard for you to maintain. You are easily inhibited by setbacks, and you seek projects that don't require minute accountability. It's essential for you to pursue a service of some sort that is needed and appreciated. The realities of life often make this difficult.

Sun conjunct Pluto
A conjunction of the Sun and Pluto shows you possess the traits of an extremist in some ways. Your likes and dislikes can be intense. Being moderate in your actions is always a problem. There is a power complex in play here, and you have to deal with a tendency to become dictatorial. You have a power ego you assert on some occasions, and not always with common sense. Even if it doesn't show elsewhere in the chart, you are highly assertive and competitive. Often your strong drive is directed at improving social conditions in your environment. You have a significant social consciousness, and you are very intolerant of unfair circumstances and injustices.


Sun sextile Moon
The sextile formed between the Sun and Moon is usually an indicator of a tranquil and happy life. This aspect makes relationships easier and more harmonious, especially with members of your family. Your attitude about the past and the present are balanced and positive. You remember the lessons of the past, but have no need to hold on to, or return to any previous part of your life. While you can and do assert yourself, you are careful not to offend people, and for this you are well-liked. You have many ideas to draw on. You don't feel threatened when challenged, and you understand the principles of compromise. There is every indication that you will succeed as a person.

Sun sextile Mars
The sextile between the Sun and Mars makes you an energetic person. You have many creative ideas, and a constant drive to express them. You use your intellectual abilities effectively, and you rarely charge off on a project without thinking it through first. You have a forceful personality, but you readily accept the ideas of others. Communication is one of your finest assets. Although you can be pushy in expressing yourself, you relate in such a polished way that you neither threaten nor offend. Your effective method of communicating makes you an excellent tutor or advisor, especially with young people. You stay abreast of affairs, not because you are interested in reading, but because you must remain informed.

Sun Sextile Jupiter
The sextile between the Sun and Jupiter shows that you are philosophical, curious, and sympathetic. You understand your capabilities and have confidence in what you know and can do. People will believe what you say because of the way you express yourself and because you are so well equipped with the facts. Routines are hard for you because you are an idea person needing freedom of expression. You are self-satisfied and contented, and unless other aspects of the chart suggest otherwise, you sometimes can be self-indulgent.

Sun Sextile Saturn
The sextile between the Sun and Saturn gives a depth of understanding and a modesty in assessing your worth as a person. You are aware of your limitations, but you know how to make the most of your potentials. You have a healthy respect for authority, yet you usually don't need anyone to approve your actions. You know and follow the rules. Your ambitions are strong and you go after your goals in a quiet way with little fanfare. You have a high regard for tradition and orderliness. You get along well with others upholding these virtues. You've earned all that you have and you expect others to do the same.

Sun Sextile Uranus
The sextile between the Sun and Uranus shows the importance for you to keep the lines of communication between yourself and others open. Your expression is outspoken and uninhibited. You find life exciting and your active mind keeps you from ever being bored. A positive attitude is key to you never being down. Your thinking is broad-minded and original, and you project your ideas in a dramatic way. Yet you don't demand that others yield to them without question. In emotional situations, you demand honesty and sincerity.

Sun Sextile Neptune
The sextile between the Sun and Neptune shows a deep awareness of creative potential. You understand social responsibility and you feel your sense of obligation in this regard. You are sensitive in positive and helpful ways. You succeed in public related activities, being able to adapt in a variety of responsibilities and tasks. Your imagination and talents are considerable and may lead you to a variety of interests. You blend well with people, being particularly drawn to those who are sure of their identity.

Sun Sextile Pluto
The sextile of the Sun and Pluto shows an intense will and a deep self-awareness. You have will power that lets you to do about anything you set out to do. You are good at communicating with people, and you find it easy gain their confidence. You have extremely strong leadership qualities.


Sun square Moon
The square formed between the Sun and Moon shows conflict in certain aspects of the life. Self-expression is blocked by emotional hangups or habit patterns that may be inherited or conditioned by past events. Family and domestic affairs keep you from developing the way you would like. The conditions in your early family environment may have caused difficulties in understanding and getting along with the opposite sex. In these relationships you can be too argumentative and defensive. You may need to get the chip off your shoulder sometimes. This aspect suggests a conflict between the ego and the emotions. There is a presence of tension between your outer and inner self.

Sun square Mars
The square formed between the Sun and Mars generates assertive and impulsive behavior. Even if you are characterized as a very passive person, this aspect stimulates action when the aspect is set off by transits. You drive yourself hard to achieve your ambitions, and you carry out every task with much enthusiasm and energy. You may display anger and brashness. Sometimes you need to develop patience and forethought to avoid conflicts in your life. This aspect produces much physical energy, but often these energies are spent in a precipitant fashion. When well directed, you can do much in any field you decide to enter. Avoid egocentric tendencies to demand too much personal attention.

Sun square Jupiter
A square formed between the Sun and Jupiter shows that you are the kind of person who takes on more than is expected. You may lack moderation in much you do. In many ways, you're an extremist. You expect too much of yourself and sometimes you expect too much of other. Yet you always have the good intentions. Full of vitality, you know how to have a good time if you let yourself go. Even if your nature is sober, this aspect provides a certain verve and good spirit. There is a lot of the wheeler-dealer in this aspect, as an expansiveness marks your nature. The negative side of this aspect is that self-indulgence may cause physical problems. Food (especially rich foods), drink, and pleasure must be balanced by moderation with sufficient rest.

Sun square Saturn
A square formed between the Sun and Saturn shows strong ambitions. There is also a fear and expectation of rejection. You are naturally defensive, and in your early years you may have underestimated your potential and questioned your self-worth. Your road to success may be paved with a few setbacks that you must learn to handle and overcome. As you mature, self-assurance becomes stronger, and you develop the personal relationships that may have been difficult for you earlier. In maturity you possess the excellent business qualities of being steady, skeptical, and persistence. You are likely to carry a heavy load of responsibility throughout your life.

Sun square Uranus
A square formed between the Sun and Uranus shows that you are impulsive and unpredictable. You go your own way and do your own thing without much concern about what others think. You are original, but sometimes impractical. You like to do what you want, when you want. Nervous and accident prone, you may sometimes think you have a dark cloud following you. Your periodic unwillingness to follow rules may hamper your progress. With maturity, your views may remain eccentric and liberal, but they become more broadly based and humanitarian.

Sun square Neptune
A square formed between the Sun and Neptune shows suffering from an inferiority complex. You feel that you must constantly defend your ideals and objectives. You may find yourself being undermined, or perceive this is the case. You are imaginative, but you may reject reality. It can be difficult for you to find an avenue of self-expression. It's hard for you to create a vision of exactly where you are going, because you underestimate your ability to succeed. You become involved when others lean on you and depend on you. You are sensitive to suffering, fond of animals, and more emotional than you let on. You are vulnerable emotionally. This aspect sometimes produces a lax in morality, bohemian tendencies, and many impractical and unrealistic ideas.

Sun square Pluto
A square formed between the Sun and Pluto shows a tendency for willfulness to build up in your nature. As the pressures become greater, you are apt to explode. This may be a puzzlement to those around you because most of the time you are so self-restrained and in perfect control. Perhaps there is a frustrated ambition for power and authority. This is an aspect often associated with a "revolutionary spirit." There is an enigma in your personality, and you are defensive about forming close emotional ties. You have executive ability and the talent for managing ambitious enterprises. You must learn the art of compromise if you are striving to get far in life. This may not come easily for you unless it is shown elsewhere in the chart. With compromise and understanding of the egos of others, this is a power aspect.


Sun trine Moon
A trine formed between the Sun and the Moon shows a harmonious balance between your will and your learned habits and emotions. Your natural reactions to circumstances encourage success and the healthy growth of your ego and self-esteem. Early relations with parents were helpful and you were probably encouraged to express your individuality and become your own person. People respond to you freely and with ease. You are comfortable with responsibility because you are capable of getting others to follow you without becoming domineering and dogmatic. If a problem exists here, it's a lack of assertiveness caused by your not sensing the need to be firm.

Sun trine Mars
A trine formed between the Sun and Mars strengthens your vitality, self-confidence, and will power. You can function at high energy levels for prolonged periods. You enjoy the challenge of any difficult task. Although firm in thought, you readily accept the opinions of others and you relate in a polished way, never threatening others. You know that you can succeed in whatever you set out to do without resorting to deception or dishonorable tactics. You accept people for what they are and expect them to do the same with you. While you can act impulsively at times, in general you plan actions efficiently and purposely. You take on life's problems without hesitancy and handle most situations with little fanfare or publicity. Your life is not uneventful, but you can cope without apparent difficulty.

Sun trine Jupiter
A trine formed between the Sun and Jupiter shows a generous degree of creative talent. You have a considerable amount of self-confidence, and you like yourself without being conceited or boastful. You are intelligent, articulate and very well informed on many subjects. Your personal pride and integrity show up plainly in the way you conduct yourself. You are a lucky person, because things just seem to fall in place for you. You like to cut a comfortable course that allows you to maintain your freedom and control of situations. You indulge yourself, and you are also very generous to others. You relate well to people because you give everyone because you can be magnanimous and give others the benefit of the doubt.

Sun trine Saturn
A trine formed between the Sun and Saturn makes it easy for you to accept and handle responsibility. Difficult times in your life result in minimal struggle. You inherently know how to react to problems and take advantage of counteracting opportunities. You may have ambitions, but these are not very strong. Most of the time you attain success by doing what is right, when the time is right. Somehow you bring a sense of stability to every situation. Life is not always a basket of roses, and sometimes you get depressed and deflated. Yet you can always get reorganized and back on the right track.

Sun trine Uranus
A trine formed between the Sun and Uranus produces a highly progressive outlook on life. You possess superb leadership qualities based on personal magnetism and the ability to see the big picture. You like people, care about them, and understand them. You can find ways to exploit your talents while remaining very much aware of your shortcomings, thus, keeping your ego out of your way. Success comes easily to you because you are open-minded to others and have no problem coming up with ideas of your own. You have an intuitive awareness of other people and never consider their problems trite.

Sun trine Neptune
A trine formed between the Sun and Neptune shows that you have precocious qualities. It allows you quickly to absorb ideas and concepts with deep comprehension. You have fine talents in expression, and you take up new projects with enthusiasm. Yet you are likely to become easily bored. This may have been a problem that caused you to have a difficult time in school when the subject matter was something that you already knew. You have strong psychic abilities, and much of your strength is in your intuitive grasp of matters. You are permissive with others, and with yourself. You may not be a hard pusher for one of your shortcomings may be that you dawdle a bit. You function well when allowed to operate at your pace and without others relying on you too much.

Sun trine Pluto
The Sun in your chart is trine Pluto giving you a highly evolved power of concentration and will. You have a way of mobilizing your talents to reach your goals. You have many leadership abilities, but you may not be so interested in leadership. You focus instead on your personal agenda. You often display an attitude of righteous indignation toward those who bend the truth and take advantage of others. You are an extremely perceptive person. There is much investigative skill associated with this aspect, and your insight in human motivations can serve you well in fields of behavior sciences. You may not always agree with people, but you understand them very well.


Sun opposition Moon
The placement of the Sun and Moon in opposite signs shows an inconsistency of the flow of energies in your life. There is some conflict between your conscious will and your emotions. You may experience an ebb and flow to your ability to express yourself, and in your productivity. You may find yourself frequently at odds with those with whom you must come in contact. Relationships mean much to you, and you need them to be solid. To succeed in relationships, you must give more than you receive. You may have difficulties releasing the past and forcing yourself to move forward.

Sun opposition Mars
The opposition of the Sun and Mars shows that you are a fighter who never backs away from a challenge or from competition. Dissension is a constant problem for you. You are very assertive, and you attract people who are also strong-willed. Perhaps your attitude just brings out these traits in those around you. It's hard for you to look at yourself realistically and understand that many battles you fight are not necessary. They may make little contribution to your success. As you mature and learn to control aggressiveness, you can do a much because your strong drive serves you in reaching whatever goal is set.

Sun opposition Jupiter
The opposition of the Sun and Jupiter suggests an over-expanded ego. Jupiter deals with judgment, and with this aspect, the drive for significance is subject to being overemphasized. There is often a tendency toward extravagance and pretension. You can have too much optimism, and promise more than you can deliver. There is a continuous need to control urges to enter grandiose schemes and avoid ostentatious manners. The strength of this aspect lies in your ability to apply much charm to gain the approval of those you deal with in your daily affairs. There is often much talent and creativity associated with this aspect.

Sun opposition Saturn
The Sun is in opposition with Saturn denoting a reserved nature. This aspect may bring about many restricting factors in the life. In many cases, there is a lack of physical vigor. You may lack self-confidence, and find it very difficult to project your ideas and reach out to others. Often this aspect denotes a crisis in consciousness, of difficulty deciding who you are. You see challenges where they may or may not exist, and you need to be constantly reassured of your self-worth or that you can succeed despite the setbacks. There is a sense of being threatened associated with this placement, and you're constantly in a battle with your insecurities. A lack of self-approval is usually present when the Sun and Saturn are opposition.

Sun opposition Uranus
The Sun opposes Uranus suggesting a situation in which self-will and independence is strongly marked. You sometimes act to create excitement and controversy. You can be hard to deal with because of sudden changes in behavior, eccentric notions, and viewing everything from a personal point of view. This confrontation with Uranus will set off times in your life when you will be high-strung and have a nervous disposition. You are very original, but also a little impractical.

Sun opposition Neptune
The opposition of the Sun and Neptune suggests that you will periodically be challenged by problems difficult to understand and diagnose. This aspect presents much confusion in your life. Sometimes you may create imaginary problems where none exist, and feel singled out to face unfair obstacles and penalties. Early in your life you may have felt that you were being singled out for discipline, and responded with a defensive attitude toward your teachers or parents. In maturity you must learn to accept responsibility and meet challenges not always so clearly defined.

Sun opposition Pluto
The opposition of the Sun and Pluto shows a defensive attitude when challenged by others. You have a compulsive power drive that creates an aura of forcefulness. There can be resentment and defiance in your temperament. You may experience difficulties getting along with others until you learn not to be so assertive and defensive when you feel the slightest sense of threat. You must handle situations better when others disagree with your position. This aspect is usually subject to undergo major changes at sometime in life when a psychological realignment occurs. When this happens you become more self-assured and tolerant of others.

Robert Pelletier's Planets in Aspects, (Whitford Press, 1987) has inspired some of this work and is recommended for a deeper discussion of aspect meanings.

Michael McClain has called astrology and numerology a hobby for more than 28 years. His work, all of which has been shared online, entertains thousands around the world every day. Michael lives with his wife Fran, in Savannah Lakes Village in South Carolina. Visit his site at

© Michael McClain


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