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Will they get back together?

Judged by Cynthea Tasker

Will he marry me?

The question concerned my cousin and his wife who had lived in Canada for 23 years and recently separated. The wife had returned to live in England and my cousin had followed her, hoping for a reconciliation. When I heard the news, I asked the question - "will they get back together?"

As the querent, I am represented by the Virgo ascendant and its ruler Mercury. My cousin is shown by the 3rd house cusp in Libra, its ruler Venus and the Moon. His wife is shown by the radical 9th in Aries and its ruler Mars in Leo.

The dissolving square between Moon and Mars indicates the couple's recent disagreement and separation. My cousin's significator Venus on its own 7th house cusp shows that he is the one making the moves to re-establish the relationship. This is much to his disadvantage because Venus is in its sign of fall. There is a mixed reception between the main significators, with Venus in the sign of Mars and Mars in the terms of Venus. This suggests that there is still some feeling between the two, but the reception is not a strong one and there is no aspect to bring reconciliation about.

The Moon is very soon to change its sign, where it will perfect an already closely applying square to Saturn. A significator changing signs is an indication of an alteration in environment or circumstances. The square to Saturn shows that he is to experience a sense of loss and disappointment. Two weeks later my cousin returned to Canada, very much the loser, both emotionally and financially; for the Moon is peregrine in his 2nd house. However, by this time his main significator Venus had entered Taurus, its own sign, showing a return to the country he considers to be his home.

© Cynthea Tasker

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