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Benjamin Dykes

Dykes PhD

A professor, specialising in ancient and medieval philosophy, Ben has 11 years' experience in ritual practice of Western Mystery Traditions and earned his AMA from Robert Zoller.

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Traditional Birth Chart Analysis

Unfortunately, as Ben is now engaging in an active period of lectures and research, he is currently unavailable for consultations, and expects to be unavailable for the next few months.

Apologies for this inconvenience!

Get a helpful, personal reading about real life - no computerized reports, jargon, confusing New-Age concepts, or unnecessary flattery.

Benjamin Dykes is trained in medieval methods of natal analysis. His birth chart readings will interpret your horoscope to give an insightful assessment of the character and disposition; a 'life overview'; and prediction of significant events or issues that you will be confronted with over the forthcoming year. The reading will provide detailed information on issues relating to:

Personal happiness
Relationships and Marriage
Social Standing
Professional Skills

It will also show any unexploited potential and overlooked opportunities demonstrated by your horoscope; when to expect ups and downs; and information on month-by-month issues, such as monthly finances.


Please note that as from 1st April 2009, all of Ben's consultations are conducted via phone or online via Skype (a free service) and digitally recorded as MP3s, at a time convenient for you. The consultation will last approximately one hour. It is no longer possible to order this service as a written report.


This traditional natal consultation service with Ben is available at a cost of $200

(International orders will be charged the equivalent in their own currency based on current conversion rates. For currency conversion guidance go to:

How do I pay for my consultation?
We operate a service through Paypal, a very easy and secure method of transferring funds over the internet. As part of the ordering process you will be directed to the Paypal site for payment. If you do not already have a Paypal account you will be given the option of opening an account with them or making a secure payment using your existing credit card.

Payment options
Paypal is free to use and allows you to send money from your bank account to anyone with an email address in 45 countries.

How long should I expect to wait for my consultation?
As a general rule Ben will be able to schedule a mutually convenient telephone consultation within a few days of receiving your request. However, since no part of the service is automated there may be times when such a speedy delivery is not feasible and small delays should not be considered a cause for complaint. Please let the astrologer know if there is an important date for delivery that you don't want to miss (such as a birthday if the report is a gift).

Any more questions?
Read our full list of Frequently Asked Questions.


View details of other Traditional Astrology Services
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