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Benjamin Dykes

Dykes PhD

A professor, specialising in ancient and medieval philosophy, Ben has 11 years' experience in ritual practice of Western Mystery Traditions and earned his AMA from Robert Zoller.

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Traditional Rectification

Verify the accuracy of your chart data using the most reliable, traditional techniques

Any accurate interpretation of your horoscope depends upon knowledge of an exact time of birth. If you do not know your time of birth within at least 15-20 minutes, your chart must be rectified. It is difficult, but powerful medieval techniques exist to determine the time of birth, and must be applied before a reliable natal interpretation can be performed.

This service is provided by Benjamin Dykes. To order a rectification of your chart you will be asked to provide a list of dates for notable events in your life such as:

Notable illnesses, surgeries, accidents, (including information on the parts of the body affected)
Dates of marriage(s), when you met your spouse(s) or began a serious relationship or partnership
Dates you received honours/appreciation/fame, promotion or graduation
Deaths of relatives or loved ones
Any important changes of residence
Any dates in which the circumstances of your life changed substantially (include information on the type of change involved)

The service will involve some back-and-forth communication by email as Ben checks out information and verifies his rectification process. The result of the process is that you will be sent a copy of the rectified chart and data, a summary of the key events and the astrological factors used to identify them, and a little explanation of the process involved.

If you wish to order a traditional birth chart interpretation from Ben Dykes, and are unsure of your time of birth, you must order the rectification service first. As soon as you have submitted this form you may then place your order for the birth chart analysis (which includes the current year's predictions).

Please allow two weeks for completion of this order (see below).


The cost of natal chart rectification is $200

(International orders will be charged the equivalent in their own currency based on current conversion rates. For currency conversion guidance go to:

How do I pay for my report?
We operate a service through Paypal, a very easy and secure method of transferring funds over the internet. As part of the ordering process you will be directed to the Paypal site for payment. If you do not already have a Paypal account you will be given the option of opening an account with them or making a secure payment using your existing credit card.

Payment options
Paypal is free to use and allows you to send money from your bank account to anyone with an email address in 45 countries.

How long should I expect to wait for my report?
Rectification is time-consuming so expect to allow two weeks for this order. Ben Dykes will use the information provided to begin the rectification, but you should expect some back-and-forth emails to clarify any questions and get the most accurate rectification. You will receive a report with your natal figure and accurate birthtime, along with a summary of the points used to rectify your chart. Since no part of the service is automated small delays should not be considered a cause for complaint. Please let the astrologer know if there is an important date for delivery that you don't want to miss (such as a birthday if the report is a gift).

Any more questions?
Read our full list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Order Form for a Traditional Birth Chart Analysis


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