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Topocentric Houses: Loose ends and Unrapt parallels by Michael Wackford

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This article was written at the request of the late Charles Harvey and published by the Astrological Journal in 1994. Little has changed in the intervening years; software producers continue to include the division as an option and whole packages are based on its spurious mathematics. This article enlarges upon assertions made in It's the oblique sphere, stupid by explaining the problems.

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Michael Wackford has studied astrology since 1976. For 11 years he considered the fundamentals of hoscopy with the late Neil Gillings, a little known yet well-respected technical astrologer who was often consulted by his peers, including Charles E. O. Carter. The author is a a consulting editor to Correlation, and has contributed articles to the AA's Journal and The Traditional Astrologer, and has advised other astrologers, including Robert Zoller.

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